Welcome to Gwernyfed Community Council Website

Gwernyfed Community Council serves the people of Three Cocks (Aberllynfi), Velindre (Felindre) and the half of Glasbury on the south bank of the River Wye, and the associated country. It sits between Brecon to the west, and the historic market town of Hay-on-Wye to the east.

The Council takes its name from Gwernyfed Park, a neo-Jacobean house completed in 1880 which since 1950 has been the home of Gwernyfed High School. In turn Gwernyfed Park took its name from the Jacobean house now known as Old Gwernyfed, which stands on the western edge of Velindre. It was the armorial bearings of the family who built Old Gwernyfed that gave The Three Cocks Hotel its name, and thence the name of Three Cocks Junction (the railway station, long gone), and the village itself. The Welsh name Aberllynfi refers to the River Llynfi joining the Wye (although this actually happens at Glasbury).

There are great schools, community groups and independent shops spread throughout our communities, and our farmers produce some of the very best food in the UK which is used with pride by many of the pubs, inns and restaurants in the Gwernyfed and surrounding areas.

But best of all, we live here.

It is an area of outstanding natural beauty, and includes hills, rivers, woodlands and upland areas which offer among the best outdoor activities to be found anywhere in the UK, and we welcome visitors to come and enjoy them with us.

The area covered by Gwernyfed Community Council: Glasbury, Three Cocks & Felindre (or Velindre).