A local resident recently contacted the Community Council saying they found it difficult to access information about the work we do, or how to become involved themselves.  In response to that correspondence, here is some general information for anyone wishing to know more about what we do, or who feels they may like to become a Community Councillor.

Gwernyfed Community Council is made up of ten men and women, all of whom are local residents, and has a modest annual budget of a little over £9000.  We meet once a month in alternating venues of Felindre Village Hall and Glasbury Church Hall.

We all endeavour to canvas opinion about issues that affect the community.  This is an important aspect of the work we do, because the more we know about local opinion, the better able we are to represent the community.   The agenda is circulated to Councillors in advance, together with material forwarded by members of the community or by regional and local groups who wish to bring their work to our attention.  A typical meeting would discuss issues such as planning applications, local policing, litter, waste disposal, traffic concerns, local amenities, community initiatives and funding requests from community groups.  The meetings are cordial but business-like, and minutes are taken contemporaneously for the record, and published on the website.  All Councillors are given the opportunity to voice their opinion on agenda items, before proceeding to vote, and to raise additional matters of interest during the meeting.

Importantly, your Community Council is here to voice the views of the communities we serve.  Gwernyfed Community Council as a body is politically neutral, and at our meetings we strive to represent local opinion and reach decisions at vote based on what is suitable for our communities, regardless of our personal political stripe.

More information about the work of Community Councils, along with an outline of the roles and responsibilities of Community Councillors can be found here:

The work of a Community Councillor

If you are interested in our work, or think you may like to become a Community Councillor, please contact any of your Community Councillors, or the Clerk to Gwernyfed Community Council, Mrs Keren Bender for more information.